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Smart machines, smart factories, technologybrings new changes.

Big data, cloud computing, mobiletechnology and industry integrated

the great power of change connects thepresent with the future

The traditional industry will achieve abreakthrough upgrade and become a smart factory.

Digital and physical, software and hardware,

will better complement each other and bringnew production methods.

The cumbersome data flows between themachine and the product.

resulting in greater speed, efficiency, andhigher returns.

No boundaries block co-creation amongpeople.

Unlimited connection goes among device.

Ronds has realized the complete technicallayout from sensors, wireless sensor networks, data acquisition, cloudplatform, intelligent diagnosis to intelligent equipment management platformsolutions, inserting wisdom wings for industrial products.

  • Collaborative optimization

    Collaborative optimization technology,bionic optimization theory

  • Information perception

    Wires sensor, wireless sensor

  • Intelligent diagnosis

    Multi-type intelligent diagnosis model

  • Data collection

    Industrial Internet, Edge calculation

  • Big data

    Big data platform construction

  • Multi-source data fusion

    Data collection, standard data interface

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