Petrochemical Industry

Ronds remote intelligent monitoring system builds the Internet of Things to solve the problem of data acquisition through the arrangement of sensors, makes data sharing and analysis through the use of a large number of intelligent algorithms to help customers achieve all-round intelligent monitoring for equipment, reduce the risk of equipment negligence , disrepair, reduce unplanned downtime effectively,conduct full lifecycle management, improve component availability, manage spare parts, and improve operational efficiency.

Ronds remote intelligent monitoring system operation mode

  • Avoid equipment accidents and reduce production safety risks

  • Realize predictive maintenance and reduce overall maintenance costs
  • Improve equipment reliability and reduce unplanned downtime
  • Optimize spare parts management and reduce capital occupation

Optimize spare partsmanagement and reduce capital occupation

Solve the importantequipment care in the chemical industry, provide predictive maintenancecovering the pump group and large units, effectively ensure the safe productionof the chemical industry, and improve equipment management level and productionefficiency.

Availability: Motor directdrive cantilever pump, motor direct drive double support pump, pump withincreaser and reducer structure (first stage deceleration), screw compressor.

Product support

    Multiple Communication Options

    Send data to server via 4G/WIFI/Ethernet

    Strong Data collection Capability

    128K waveform/51200 line spectrum, collect data with very high resolution for analysis

    All Channel Synchronous Acquisition

    All channel synchronously collects temperature and vibration signal, it increases machine safety through dual monitoring of vibration and temperature data.

    Monitoring vibration and temperature

    The wireless sensor collects both vibration and temperature.

    Intelligent alarm for abnormal machines               

    Adopting various kinds of alarm parameters: overall value, index  temperature, etc., ensure the accuracy and timeliness of alarm information

    One key upgrade of hardware and software

    One key remote upgrade, system upgrade is quick, accurate, efficient and convenient.

    Monitoring vibration and temperature

    The wireless sensor collects both vibration and temperature Signal


    Wireless vibration and temperature integrated sensor, collect velocity, acceleration,displacement and temperature signals simultaneously. The vibration signal can be displayed as spectrum / waveform in software.

    Intelligent self-inspect function, warning for abnormal any time, saved time to check on site.

    ExiaⅡCT4,can be sued in 0 area,IP67,waterproof, dustproof.

    Zigbee communication, for onsite use specially, strong anti-jamming capability, long distances transmission from data collector according to real industrial conditions.

    Φ42mm*h65mm,small volume, easy to fix and maintain.

Application case

Ronds has accumulated nearly 800 successful fault diagnosis cases inthe petrochemical industry.

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