Mining Industry

Life cycle monitoring diagnosis and warning system for mine equipment

Ronds remote intelligent monitoring system collects the real-time data of the equipment through the sensor, integrates the existing monitoring system data, and configures the targeted data collection strategy according to the operating characteristics of the unit, grasps the effective vibration and temperature data for positioning unit failure and discovers abnormal operation status in time with help of intelligent alarm strategy. 

Main Monitored Equipment

shearers, scrapers, crushers, transfer machines, belt conveyors,main fans, hoists, sky wheels, main drain pumps, screw air compressors,etc., as well as vibrating screens, belt conveyors, slurry pumps etc. 

The practical significance for the underground production and operation of coal mining enterprises
  • Optimize the equipment inspection and maintenance work plan, coordinate the manpower and spare parts preparation,reduce the asset management cost, and realize reasonable arrangement inspection and maintenance for the spare parts procurement plan through long-term effective monitoring;
  • Confirm the root cause of the fault and predict the service life of the damaged component through the analysis of the cause of equipment failure, avoid the waste of resources caused by inspection and maintenance, and assist customers to make reasonable inspection and maintenance plans;
  • Help customers identify early stage failures and take effective maintenance measures to avoid major safety incidents;
  • Realize forward-looking maintenance, avoid unplanned downtime, improve equipment availability, avoid production losses and maintenance costs, help customers accumulate unit operation data, establish failure modes, and improve subsequent design.

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