Metallurgical Industry

Ronds remoteintelligent monitoring system builds the Internet of Things to solve theproblem of data acquisition through the arrangement of sensors, makes datasharing and analysis through the use of a large number of intelligentalgorithms to help customers achieve all-round intelligent monitoring forequipment, reduce the risk of equipment negligence , disrepair, reduceunplanned downtime effectively, conduct full lifecycle management, improvecomponent availability, manage spare parts, and improve operational efficiency.

  • Ronds remote intelligent monitoring system operation mode
  • Real-time visibility into device statusand reduce the huge losses caused by unplanned downtime

  • Accurately locate thecause of the failure, reduce the workload of maintenance personnel, and reduce operation and maintenance pressure
  • Forecast Component lifecycle and improve component utilization
  • 24-hour remote real-time online monitoring, reducing staff workload
  • Control the status ofthe device in real time, so that the decision can be based on evidence.
Product support

    Multiple Communication Options

    Send data to server via 4G/WIFI/Ethernet

    Strong Data collection Capability

    128K waveform/51200 line spectrum, collect data with very high resolution for analysis

    All Channel Synchronous Acquisition

    All channel synchronously collects temperature and vibration signal, it increases machine safety through dual monitoring of vibration and temperature data.

    Monitoring vibration and temperature

    The wireless sensor collects both vibration and temperature.

    Intelligent alarm for abnormal machines               

    Adopting various kinds of alarm parameters: overall value, index  temperature, etc., ensure the accuracy and timeliness of alarm information

    One key upgrade of hardware and software

    One key remote upgrade, system upgrade is quick, accurate, efficient and convenient.

    Monitoring vibration and temperature

    The wireless sensor collects both vibration and temperature Signal


    Monitor vibration, temperature, process info and speed

    8 or 16 vibration and temperature channels, 4 process information channels, and 1 tacho channel. 

    Synchronous Collection

    All 16 channels could collect data synchronously.

    Strong Data Collection Ability

    Collect vibration data with extra good resolution, provide good support for data analysis

    Suitable for monitoring variable speed and low speed machine

    Due to the tachometer, RH1000 can monitor low speed and variable speed machines, like wind turbine.

    Intelligent alarm

    Overall value alarm,temperature alarm, sampling data alarm trigger and so on

Application case
At present, there are nearly 400 service casesin the metallurgical industry, covering Northeast China, North China, East China, South China, Central China, Northwest China and Southwest China.

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