Diagnostic Academy Training Service
Diagnostic Academy Training Service
RONDS Diagnosis Training Center

Relying on strong diagnostic analysis experts and intelligent algorithm teams, we will design and develop courses for the purpose of “improving equipment reliability and operational efficiency”,cultivate practical personnel for equipment management under the intelligent era, create a training and analysis talent training base, and help customers upgrade equipment. Manage the level of intelligence. 

RONDS Diagnosis Training Center cooperates with MOBIUS INSTITUTE of Australia to promote the training and certification of vibration analysts in accordance with international standards in China to help practitioners in the diagnostic field obtain internationally recognized and recognized qualifications.

RONDS Diagnosis Training Center Features
  • International Authoritative Certification

    RONDS is the authorized training and certification center of Mobius in China, and also a diagnostic service organization that has obtained GL certification.

  • Professional teachers
    RONDS has a professional remote diagnosis center and an international team of vibration analyst experts. All vibration analysts not only have a profound theoretical foundation, but also have many years of experience in large-scale complex equipment health monitoring and fault diagnosis. The ability and teaching effect are well recognized by customers.
  • Plenty of case resources

    At present, the remote diagnosis team has monitored more than 10000+ equipment, and accumulated thousands of successful cases involving wind power, petrochemical, cement, coal mines, etc. The actual monitoring results and related service concepts are gone at the forefront of the industry

  • Innovative training methods

    5-week remote pre-training, 1-week immersion training for students to easily obtain certificates

Why attend ISO18436-2 international vibration analyst training?
  • Master the basic knowledge of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis and analyze the basic faults of the machine;

  • Determine the mechanical operation status and improve the reliability and service life of the equipment;

  • Provide reasonable operation advice and inspection and maintenance advice for the production of the enterprise;

  • Save production costs and improve production efficiency;

  • Be a senior professional in the field of diagnostics and a practical talent in equipment management in an intelligent era;
Who our course is prepared for?

Inspection personnel

Equipment maintenance personnel

Equipment management personnel

Equipment fault diagnosis personnel

People who want to focus on the equipment management or who are interested in mechanical vibration

What are the conditions that applicants need to have

Diagnostic technology training: basic understanding of the rotating equipment structure, operation and maintenance

CAT I:The minimum cumulative time for engaging in relevant professional work experience is 6 months

CAT II:The minimum cumulative time for engaging in relevant professional work experience is 18 months

CAT III:The minimum cumulative time for engaging in relevant professional work experience is 36 months

Passed CATII vibration analyst training,and passed the certification for more than one year;

Have simple English reading ability, can read simple scientific literature, or equivalent to college English CET-4 level.

Noteengaged in related professional work,refers to equipment inspection, equipment operation and maintenance, equipment management, equipment fault diagnosis and other related professional work

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