Coal Chemical Industry

Ronds intelligent monitoring solution for key equipment in coal chemical industry

Ronds remote intelligent monitoring system collects the real-time data of the equipment through the sensor, integrates the existing monitoring system data, and configures the targeted data collection strategy according to the operating characteristics of the unit, grasps the effective vibration and temperature data for positioning unit failure and discovers abnormal operation status in time with help of intelligent alarm strategy.

Ronds remote diagnostic engineers perform precise analysis for the data, issue equipment diagnosis conclusions, and maintenance recommendations, 

and submit diagnostic reports to provide targeted inspection guidance for the site.

Main monitored equipment

Combined with the key equipment structure characteristics of coal chemical enterprises, it is recommended to monitor equipment: pumps, fans(centrifugal, axial flow, roots), compressors (centrifugal, screw,reciprocating), steam turbines, belt conveyors, crushers, etc.

Product support

    Monitor vibration, temperature, process info and speed

    8 or 16 vibration and temperature channels, 4 process information channels, and 1 tacho channel. 

    Synchronous Collection

    All 16 channels could collect data synchronously.

    Strong Data Collection Ability

    Collect vibration data with extra good resolution, provide good support for data analysis

    Suitable for monitoring variable speed and low speed machine

    Due to the tachometer, RH1000 can monitor low speed and variable speed machines, like wind turbine.

    Intelligent alarm

    Overall value alarm,temperature alarm, sampling data alarm trigger and so on


    Touch Screen

    Route measurements downloaded from PC software

    Waveform/spectrum analysis and alarmremind

    Manual input function

               Infrared temperature measurement

    Set equipment status

    Multi-communication method with server: Wi-Fi or USB

    Camera function

    Professional PC analysis software

    Explosion proof version is available and optional

    CE marking available


Ronds currently has nearly 200 service cases in coal chemical industry, covering coal gas, coal to olefins, coal to oil, coal to ethylene glycol, coal to aromatics, coal pyrolysis and other fields.

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